Here is a list of links to people, things and sites that you may find interesting and inspiring. Some of these people have had an impact on me and have encouraged me to be my best self and reach for the stars. I thank them from the bottom of my heart for their guidance, support and kicking my butt!


Maggie Sanderson (my mum) at YarnSongYoga

Michael Sanderson (my brother) at Ateles Films


Personal life coach:

Kim Ingleby at Energised Performance


Writing Mentor:

Julia McCutchen

Jo Parfitt


Careers coach:

Colleen Reichrath-Smith at Career In Your Suitcase


Business coach and mentor:

Christine Kane


Business content writer:

The International Writer – Russell Ward


Graphic design and website:

Shake It Up Creative



Suzanne R Livingstone

Claire Watson


Art teachers / tutors / mentors over the years:

Jemma Derbyshire

Ewen Duncan at art4you Scotland

Victor Hoefnagels


Creative inspirations / influences:

Julia Cameron

Austin Kleon

JMW Turner

Jonas Gerard

Evert den Hartog