Christmas Exhibition 2017

I am happy to announce 15 of my pen and ink Wildlife Drawings will be featured in a Christmas Exhibition alongside the work of three other talented artists! All my work on display will be for sale. Never before have … Continue reading

Puffins Galore

Finally, after wanting to go for over a year I was on the May Princess heading to the biggest puffin colony in the UK: The Isle of May. After hearing about this little island from various people who’d been, I … Continue reading

How I Came To Love Birds

I love birds. They inspire me. It wasn’t always this way though. I remember I loved animals as a child, but then somewhere along the line I lost interest in them (even though at one point I’d wanted to be … Continue reading

A Fun Little 21 Day Challenge

A few days ago I set myself a fun little challenge to do whilst I am spending time in the Netherlands over Christmas and New Year. If you didn’t already know, I was born and brought up in the Netherlands, … Continue reading

Your Voice Matters

Recently, I was talking with a friend who was thinking about setting up and writing a blog. She wondered whether there was any point since there are so many blogs already ‘out there’. I told her I was writing a … Continue reading

Is Your Definition Of Success Working For You?

How do you define success? What do you see as a successful outcome? Is success for you the amount of money you make, the type of car you get to drive, or having the big house you’ve always dreamed of? … Continue reading

A Month Of Learning Through Play

July has been a month of courses, courses, courses! I love learning and doing that through playing and experimenting with new things and new experiences. When I booked the art courses I’ve done this month a while ago I hadn’t … Continue reading