Ride The Waves Of Life

Yet again it has been a while since I last wrote a blog post. A lot has been going on and I consciously parked writing and blogging since I chose to focus on other things as a matter of priority. … Continue reading

Photography Feeds My Creative Practice

I’d been wanting a new camera for a while as my old compact camera, my second hand DSLR and smartphone camera haven’t been able to take the sort of photos of birds I’d envisioned. Not quite capturing the finer details … Continue reading

Your Voice Matters

Recently, I was talking with a friend who was thinking about setting up and writing a blog. She wondered whether there was any point since there are so many blogs already ‘out there’. I told her I was writing a … Continue reading

I Love Me Weekend

The other weekend I went on a wonderful course taught by Dr David Hamilton. It was called “I Love Me” and we delved deeply into self-love and the science of self-love. If you’d like to read more about this, then … Continue reading

Are You The Director Of Your Life?

Editor’s note: I shared this post about being the Director of your life in my latest newsletter and I also wanted to post it on my blog for my regular readers as I feel it might help someone – especially … Continue reading

When Things Don’t Go To Plan

You may have read in Sketchbook Stories (my regular newsletter), or seen on Facebook and Twitter that I recently lost my almost-95-year-old grandmother. She hadn’t been well since February this year and we had been preparing for her passing since … Continue reading

The Importance Of Play

Editor’s note: I’m sharing what I wrote in my latest newsletter since it sparked a couple of conversations, and I didn’t want the lovely readers of my blog to miss out! What’s more, I came across another thought-provoking article about … Continue reading