Below you will find visual and written testimonials: I am grateful and thankful for my lovely clients and customers and their kind words about working with me in one way or another. I love helping and inspiring my clients and customers, I feel it’s an honour and gives my work so much meaning to know it’s making a difference in people’s lives.

Have a look at their homes and a read of what they’re saying – makes me all warm and fuzzy inside! Thank you!

Visual Testimonials – My Artwork in My Customers’ Homes

Testimonials For Vision Board Workshops

“I had so much fun at Carrie’s vision board workshop! I came away with a board that hangs above my desk and inspires and motivates me daily. I feel myself light up when I walk into the room. My board had to do with the next steps in my business…since creating it I have completed many of the unfinished paper work and other loose ends that had been holding me back. As part of the workshop, Carrie had me set an actionable step to take, which I had done within a month of completing the board-two new clients! I have created vision boards on my own in the past, but found that I learned new tips and techniques at Carrie’s workshop as well as enjoyed making one in a shared space…such great energy was created. I’ll definitely be back to make another!”Heather Borkowski, Guiding sensory explorations with herbs, food, and spirit at http://www.heatherborkowski.com/
“The exercise might sound too simple but with the crystal clear guidance of Carrie you are going to discover, in only 2 hours, how to put your most important project in perspective so you can finally visualize your top priorities and kick-off your action plan.”Florine from worldadventuredivers.com