Vision Board Workshop

Vision Board Workshop March 2015Vision boards are a powerful tool to help you create the life you want and love. It’s a visual representation of what you want to be, do and have in your life.

A Vision Board is filled with images of your hopes, dreams and desires, and it’s personal to you. There are different types of vision boards possible, including general “what-I-want-in-life” boards, as well as specific work project-based boards. We will use a variety of magazines to source images for the board. Feel free to bring some of your favourite magazines to the workshop (although a selection will be provided as part of the cost).

In the workshop I will teach step by step how to create a vision board – which in itself is an enjoyable, creative process – which you will then take home and hang up to remind you of your vision on a daily basis. That way you can remember to take small steps every day towards your vision.

What’s included:
Workshop (small group, max. 6 participants)
All materials
Instructions handout to take home
Your completed vision board to take home
Tea, coffee, water

“The exercise might sound too simple but with the crystal clear guidance of Carrie you are going to discover, in only 2 hours, how to put your most important project in perspective so you can finally visualize your top priorities and kick-off your action plan.”
Florine from

If you’d like me to come and teach the vision board workshop to you and your group (or a workshop on a different topic by negotiation) then please contact me via email.


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Terms and Conditions

First come, first served. Your spot is only booked and confirmed if you have registered and paid in advance. Please note that confirming you’re attending on the Facebook event page does NOT entitle you to the workshop. You must register and pay for your place. You’ll receive confirmation and details for the workshop when you do.

Cancellation policy
Cancellation of the Vision Board workshop may be subject to a fee and depends on the length of notice given.
Charges are:
0-3 days – 100% of the paid workshop cost
4-7 days – 75% of the paid workshop cost
7-14 days – 50% of the paid workshop cost
15+ days – 25% of the paid workshop cost

Privacy statement
Your privacy is very important to me. I will guard your details with my life. They will not be shared with anyone else.