Carrie Sanderson

Have you discovered what brings joy and love to your life?
I believe in the power of discovery… finding yourself and your true passions.
Carrie Sanderson Artist, Painter
Carrie Sanderson Artist, Writer

I’m Carrie Sanderson artist, writer and explorer, Edinburgh-based but working internationally with a passion for discovering the beauty in the world around me – and for inspiring others make their dreams come true, create a life they love and the courage to live it.

Exploration and discovery are what drives me in my art, my writing and inspiring others to follow their hearts.

I’ve been on a lifelong journey to understand what I care about and what I have love for.


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Carrie Sanderson artist and writer
I am pleased to share that some of my artwork is available for purchase! Please look around and get in touch if you have any questions.


Adventure. Nature. Beauty. Creativity.


These are the things that inspire me and are reflected in my art.

I’m an artist with a passion for wildlife and nature.

I believe that beauty can be found in every detail and discovered in every moment. My artwork represents those finer details I see around me and presents a unique perspective born of my personal experiences and my nomadic, cross-cultural background.

If, like me, you find joy in discovering the detail in the beauty around you, then head over to my Art page to see examples of my latest artwork and please come back to see new pieces as I complete them.


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Thank you.



Huskies, Birdies And Queenie — 2 Comments

    • Thank you, Daphne, I am pleased to hear you enjoyed my story! Yes, the husky ladies are stunning. So beautiful. Hope you’re well!

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