Inspired by the beauty of birds, landscape and the weather, my work explores light, space and the essence of the landscape around me and the presence of birds within it. Colour is an important part of my practice, acting as an emotive, sensory response to the outer landscape, as well as the joy and delight of birdwatching that is evoked within. I work on location, gathering drawings and making colour studies of birds in their natural habitat, which are used as inspiration for work made in the studio. Using a variety of media to make my pieces, I create a response that is unique to me, often merging painting and drawing together.

A New Home, A New Landscape

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Walk + Draw

Slow down, take a moment for yourself and reconnect when you join me on a Walk + Draw in nature.

A guided walk in a beautiful East Lothian location, we will engage in the activity of sketching and drawing as a focus for creating and enhancing well-being.

When: 2024 dates TBC

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