My name is Carrie Sanderson and I am an artist based in East Lothian, Scotland.

Born and brought up in The Netherlands, I consider myself a blend of English and Dutch. After living in a few different countries, I was finally drawn to the Scottish landscape and moved to Edinburgh in 2014. In 2019, I moved with my partner to a coastal town in East Lothian.

Inspired by the beauty of birds, landscape and the weather, my work explores light, space and the essence of the landscape. Colour is an important part of my practice, acting as an emotive, sensory response to the outer landscape around me, as well as the sense of landscape evoked within.

I spend time walking in nature, along the sea or across land, taking a sketchbook with me to capture what I see and feel. I am a passionate Birdwatcher, and I am constantly observing birds’ behaviour, patterns of flight as well as interactions with each other in the landscape and in different types of weather.

In my studio I develop my sketches and drawings into paintings, often starting with preparing my surfaces using a variety of mixed media processes. Spending time mixing and considering colour is vital to my practice, and often acts as the springboard for a new piece of work. Allowing colour to have a strong voice, juxtaposed by the layers created in these initial stages, allows me to work in an emotive and intuitive fashion.

Concerned with how my practice impacts the environment, I am conscious about the materials and processes I use and am always looking for ways to minimise my impact. I have switched to using recycled cartridge paper, upcycling old paintings, reusing materials, and reducing and recycling plastic among other things.

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