My name is Carrie Sanderson and I am an artist based in East Lothian, Scotland.

I’m inspired by Wildlife (birds in particular) and Wild Landscapes.

One of my favourite ways to spend my time is to be in nature watching birds. Through my art I try to capture their essence, character and the delight I get from observing them. Equally, I love exploring the landscape in and around me. I’m mostly drawn to the coast where the sky kisses the sea and it’s forever changing. Again, I try to capture that movement and mood through my art, and sometimes through writing (for example, poetry), which I dabble with.

I moved to Scotland in 2014 because I was inspired by its landscape. I was born and brought up in The Netherlands and I consider myself being a blend of English and Dutch. In 2019, my partner and I moved to a coastal town in East Lothian where my inspiration to create continues to grow day by day.


Please see my Contact page for ways to get in touch.