My name is Carrie Sanderson. I’m an artist, a writer and an explorer.

Carrie Sanderson - watercolour artist scotland, expat writer, wildlife drawing artist and creative coach

photo credit: Suzanne R Livingstone



I believe in the power of remembering our true creative selves and discovering who we are.

We are what we want to be. We can do anything. We can be anything.

I believe in listening to our inner voices, remembering what it is we truly love and exploring what we really want from this life. And when we find the answer, when we recognise our heart’s desire and act on our own intuition, only then can we free ourselves and create the life we’ve always wanted deep down.

I believe that anything is possible.

I know this to be true because I’ve been there myself.

I always wanted to be an artist but I didn’t speak up.

As a child, I did a lot of art, drawing at the dining table after school on most nights. At school, I did extra art after the regular school hours were over. In high school, art was one of my finals subjects, but when it came to choosing what to do after graduating, I didn’t speak up about my desire to go to art school.

As a teenager, after I had also suffered from chronic ear trouble for years, I would withdraw into myself, unable to communicate clearly. Later in life, I wondered if this had contributed to my tendency to keep my thoughts buried deep inside.

Over time, I had become frustrated. Unhappy. Unfulfilled.

I had ignored my calling and kept quiet about wanting to go to art school. In any event, I didn’t think I was good enough and my work was still developing.

But then something happened.

The day I knew things had to change.

In 2006, I was struck by a serious medical condition. It was a life-changing experience that made me realise I couldn’t go on living life as I had – something had to change. I wanted a different, better life for myself.

I wanted to stop listening to others and start being me.

I’d always been a bit rebellious. Keen to challenge the status quo. Now I’d made my mind up, I could choose to do this life a different way – the way that suited me, not the other way around.

And so I began a journey to a life I wanted for me.

I tried many things – I worked in marketing and public relations, I went into project management, I became a qualified personal trainer, a sports and Indian massage therapist. I even became a clinical hypnotherapist and resonance healer.

I explored, I searched and I forged my way to a more creative future. One in which I would love my work and discover a new love for myself.

Everything I’d done before led me to this point.

I discovered other truths along the way.

I’m a cross-cultural kid born to one country and living in another. My cross-cultural background and life as a global nomad made me willing to try new things. It had made me inquisitive and eager to expand my horizons – and this was reflected in my developing art.

As I followed my path to creativity, I grew my art portfolio. I wrote more. I changed my perspective by moving country. I created a blog and I described my journey. I engaged with other creative and like-minded people and I released myself from some of the resistance that had been holding me back.

All that I had done before made sense. It was part of a process and it had led me to this place.

I took small steps on a big journey.

And now here I am.

Capturing the beauty in every moment. Romantic, details, soft, sensitive.

I paint because I love to. I paint to reflect or express that which I truly love – and who I am at my core.

Expressive explorations. Colourful compositions.

I tell stories through my art. I explore. I discover. I capture the finer details. I share the beauty around me.

In today’s society, it’s often too easy to forget to see, feel and experience the beauty that fills our everyday lives. I believe in paying attention to the world around us and discovering the hidden gems and sparkling jewels around me for inspiration to create.

For me, art is an everlasting adventure.

It’s everything I wanted and it’s what I’ve become.

I finally discovered myself and I love what I’ve found.

I want to share the work that I love with you over these pages. If you can relate to my life’s journey, I hope you also appreciate the way I view the world.

My name is Carrie Sanderson and I’m an international artist, writer and coach.  I’m a watercolour artist Scotland, an expat writer UK, a pen and ink artist and a creative coach!

I’m British, Dutch, cross-cultural, a global nomad and an all-round creative soul.

I finally discovered myself.

And I’m bursting with love for what I do.

Before you explore the rest of the site, here are a few quick quirky facts about me.

  1. I’m a big fan of Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings films – I have been known to watch all three back to back on numerous occasions, now adding The Hobbit films.
  2. I swam with a pod of 700 bottlenose dolphins off the coast of Kaikoura, New Zealand – it was a truly magical experience.
  3. I did a tandem skydive in Lake Taupo, New Zealand – and I loved it so much I want to do another one soon!
  4. I’m pretty good at baking a delicious, healthy, sugar-free – and butter-free – banana and walnut loaf.
  5. I love Western style horse riding – I proudly own a pair of vintage cowgirl boots, which are actually too nice to ride in!