Here is a selection of photographs that I’ve taken that act as inspiration for my art work and my life. Photography is a passion of mine that is growing. I still have to learn a lot about photography, and one of my teachers is my Dad – he often supplies me with his photos that I then draw. I also love to travel and be out in nature; and my camera is nearly always with me. The photos I take are a visual record of my adventures.

Dad and I at Dunbar Harbour, ScotlandDad and I at Dunbar harbour taking photos of sealife


I wanted to share what I’ve been playing around with. I love to capture beauty, nature and wildlife. The exquisite details that can be found anywhere and everywhere. Photography can be a mindful exercise: it requires me to stop, pay attention, and focus exactly where I am in the moment. Especially when taking photos of birds and animals, I have to be patient and practice my technique, skill and eye for composition.


Birds: The Netherlands

Female Blackbird - The Netherlands
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Nature: Scotland

Beinn Eighe National Nature Reserve - Scotland
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