Beach Walk

This afternoon I had a sudden urge to go for a walk on the beach. I am blessed with living only 5-10 minutes away from the beach, so I wrapped up warm and jumped in my car after checking online that the tide was still out.

The sun was shining and I felt a cool breeze tickle my face. The light and the colours around me were special. It was magical.

I had my smart-phone with me and took some pictures. The quality isn’t the best but it has captured – to a certain the degree – the beauty of the light.

Beach and sunThe above is a view towards the south (Scheveningen, The Netherlands).

Beach and blue, clouded skyThe above is a view towards the north.

Beach, sun and a runnerA runner just passed me, and in the distance are fellow walkers. If you look closely you can see Scheveningen.

Sea and seagullThe weather was coming in – dark blue sky contrasting brilliantly with the pale lime green of the sea. It looked like it was night-time in the distance. The colours haven’t quite come out in this picture, unfortunately, but my experience of it has inspired me to paint the scene. Hopefully, I will be able to mix the right colours and re-create the atmosphere. If not, at least I will have fun doing it.

Beach and sea, blue skyThis picture has captured the light, and I took it in time before the clouds covered the sun and the light turned to grey. It cooled off quickly, too.

How often does nature inspire you to create something?

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