End Of Year Reflections

word-of-the-year-2017-joyAt this time of the year a lot of people will be reflecting on the past year and planning for the year ahead. That includes me.

I have taken some time for myself to go inward and look back over 2016 to explore what I loved, what challenged me, what I learned, what did I surprise myself with and what did I not do. (Thanks to my coach Kim for these questions!)

I love grabbing big pieces of paper, at least A3 size, and jotting down my thoughts, answers and ideas, like a mindmap, but it’s not quite an “official” mindmap. It’s my version of it, one that I can “read” and makes sense to me. This helps me to get clear.

I not only look at my achievements, I review who I have been, who I have become and whether it is what I want. Have I been true to myself? Where can I perhaps lower my guard a bit more, and let my heart open further? Where did my heart close and why? How can I have an open heart, yet still be strong and resilient?

These are some of my personal reflections and questions. It will be different for you, though maybe some will be the same.

I have also been reviewing my core values and not surprisingly they have changed slightly since the last time I did that, which was a few years ago. I have changed, circumstances have changed, and what is important to me has changed.

These top 11 core values that I have chosen inspire me and make me feel really excited about creating 2017 – and beyond – to reflect my values. This helps me to focus on what truly matters to me, and to let go of anything that isn’t a part of that.

And the fun doesn’t stop there! I also choose a word every year that guides me. This year it was Radiance. Next year I’ve decided to allow Joy to guide me.

All in all, 2016 was pretty amazing for me. I choose to see it that way anyway! It wasn’t always easy though. I had my low points, but I learned from them. Of course, there were also high points, some of which were quite surprising and I think to myself, “did I really do that? Did that really happen? Wow, so cool!”. I’ll keep reminding myself of that, and feeling the feelings of it. More often it wasn’t the achievement, but who I was being that thrilled me. The moments where I knew I’d stepped into my potential and I was embodying that.

I’ll have more of that in 2017, please!

Thank you for reading my posts this year, it means the world to me.

Have a Wonderfully Creative, and Happy, New Year!

Do you take time to reflect? How does that help you when you do? What are some exciting ideas you have for next year? Please feel free to share in the comments below, I’d love to know.


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