From Sketch to Framed

Here is a recent art project I worked on – another wildlife illustration – and the finished artwork was given to my mum as a present. She loved it as robins mean something special to her. It was such a joy and a pleasure working on this piece.

I started with a sketch using a H pencil (copying an image of a robin), drawing just the main outline of the bird and flower pot. Paper is from a medium surface cartridge pad (150 gsm). Really nice paper to work on, slightly textured and an off-white colour:

IMG_0458I then went over the top with black ink and pen and when the ink was dry I carefully rubbed the pencil lines away (since I used the pencil lightly it was easy to do this and no trace of it was left behind). I also used a small, thin paintbrush and water to dilute the black ink and fill in some of the areas where I thought it needed it (e.g. flower pot):

IMG_0459Finally I cut the drawing to size to fit a lovely, earthy frame (I had to sign it closer to the actual drawing), and then gave it to my mum:

IMG_0473That’s how I got from sketch to framed! A fun, step-by-step process. Much like life, don’t you feel?

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