Recent Creations

Last month I received my first commission and I am pleased to say that I successfully produced the artwork and handed it over to a very happy customer. She had asked me to draw her cat in black ink, which she intends to give as a present to her daughter – here’s the result:

CatCat in black ink on A4 medium surface paper, 220 gsm

The following creations are paintings on canvas, something I have taken up over the summer and I am loving it. I used to paint at school, but I have never painted on canvas before so it’s a bit outside my comfort zone. I am currently following an art class to learn more about it; it’s so much fun and makes my heart sing like a delightful dawn chorus.

This first one I made for my cousin and her family, which I gave to them last month. They were thrilled!

Beach sceneBeach scene (inspired by the beach nearby where my cousin and her daughter have been whilst visiting the Netherlands) using gouache on a box canvas approx 10x10cm

The next one is a bit of fun! Great for a child’s (play)room I think:

Hedgehog paintingHedgehog using gouache on a box canvas approx 10x10cm

Finally, this next painting is a work-in-progress. Also a bit of fun! And practicing using a larger canvas. A big thanks to my very talented artist friend Cecile, whom I’ve known since we were four years old and recently got back in touch with, for inspiring and encouraging me to ‘branch out’!

Deer - in progressStag using acrylic paint

There’s no surprise that the theme of my creations continues to be Nature. It seems to come out in most of my artwork. It’s what inspires me most!

What theme inspires you to create? What common thread is seen through all your work?

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