Recently, I was working on my art course assignments when I went off on a creative tangent. As I was sketching and wondering what subject to draw, I remembered a picture of an owl in a magazine I’d purchased and which had drawn my attention. At the time I thought to myself, “I would love to draw this little fellow.”.

And so I finally did! Three times in a row, nonetheless. I played around with charcoal, light/dark and black ink. Here are the pictures; I love the different effects and how one subject can conjure up many versions. It’s what I love about art and creativity. I am also pleased that I went with the creative flow and let the pictures unfold – I enjoyed every single minute:

ImageOwl in charcoal with dark background

ImageOwl in charcoal with light background

ImageOwl drawn with black ink

How often do you go on creative tangents? Do you allow them to happen and do you follow them to see where they will take you?

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