Snow Days

I have finally found a moment I can upload my pictures of the snow days we’ve been having here in The Netherlands.

The first flocks fell on the afternoon of Monday 14th January, 2013. I had just been to the final Naked Writer workshop run by Jo Parfitt and, thankfully, I got home in time before the snow started covering the roads with a thin layer. During the night more fell, and as I woke up on Tuesday morning a thick white blanket covered everything, and the snow was still falling! When it finally stopped, the thickness measured 25cm. My mum went outside and measured the snow that had settled on top of the green bin. I could not resist taking a picture of it with my smart-phone:

Green bin with snow

In the afternoon I went out for a walk and took my camera (a Canon EOS 350D, which is my dad’s old camera and he has kindly given it to me to play with).

As I was figuring out which pictures to post on my blog, I came across a collage-making tool and had a little go at it – I enjoyed playing around with the tool so much that for a change I have decided to post a collage:

Snow picture collage

The light was beautiful that day. As you can see the sunset was gorgeous: pink and yellow hues gave the late afternoon a warm glow.

How do you like snow? Do you see and feel its beauty?

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