Questioning Creativity: Journey Vs Destination

Questioning Creativity Panel 3On Saturday I was honoured and thrilled to have been invited to take part in a new series of panel discussions, called Questioning Creativity.

Set up by Edinburgh Student Arts Festival (ESAF) and Sandbox, four intimate and informal panel discussions took place over two evenings at the beautiful Lovecrumbs, Edinburgh.

Photo Courtesy of Chris Milne Photography

Each of the four panels had a different topic to explore and discuss.

On Friday there was “The role of creativity in a changing world” and “What does it mean to be a creative citizen?”.

On Saturday participants talked about “Creative place and space; the workspace” and “Journey Vs Destination” (which I participated in – click here to listen).

After 20 minutes the audience was invited to chime into the discussion: to ask questions, and/or share their observations and thoughts. It was great having that interaction and connection.

Each session was recorded and is now available to listen to as a free podcast. Please see the link below and feel free to share!

I thoroughly enjoyed the evening and look forward to seeing more of these panels take place. There are some lovely photos on ESAF’s Facebook page – photographer Chris Milne did a fantastic job.

Thanks ESAF and Sandbox!

Links to Questioning Creativity Panel Recordings

Some of the panels on Sandbox’s Soundcloud page:

Panel 4 only
– Journey vs destination
(Anne Rushing, Chris Speed, Carrie Sanderson)

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