Ride The Waves Of Life

Yet again it has been a while since I last wrote a blog post.

A lot has been going on and I consciously parked writing and blogging since I chose to focus on other things as a matter of priority.

Many changes have happened, in a short space of time. It’s like jumping into the deep end and trying to swim ashore whilst bracing the elements. I have at times felt a little overwhelmed, impatient and anxious.

At other times, excited, exhilarated and enthusiastic.

It’s been a lesson in embracing uncertainty, chaos and change. Not always easy. I haven’t always coped that well with it. But equally there have been moments when I have. When I’ve been able to take an imagined step back and breathe. Telling myself that everything is okay, really.

Putting my situation into perspective and purpose.

What else has helped to gain more perspective is reminding myself that (my) life is like riding a wave. At times I may be on a big wave that looks rather scary, and I wonder, “will I be able to stay on my surfboard?”. I may wobble and just about manage it, or I may fall and tumble, the waves breaking on top of me. Gasping for air, I don’t know which way is up yet somehow I find my way back.

At other times I’ve surprised myself that I have managed to stay on my surfboard. I reckon that’s due to practice and having fallen off and got back up again and again in the past. Working on my balance and resilience has paid off.

Then eventually the wave evens out, heads to shore and I ease into calmer waters.

On other days there are no waves so I paddle out and sit and relax on my board, enjoying the serenity of the moment and the contentment I am feeling. A soft smile appears on my face. The calm after the storm.

Or I might be in the eye of the storm, somehow sensing that it ain’t over yet. But at least I get to breathe and recharge before the next (big) wave arrives.

To some extent I can, and do, choose which waves to ride. Though it helps to be prepared as much as possible for the unexpected as Nature has her own mind, timing and agenda.

Sometimes I want to ride big waves because I am full of energy (bring it on!), but then there might not be any and I feel the extra energy I have is trapped in my body with nowhere to go.

Sometimes someone else may grab the wave I was about to surf!

How will I respond?

How do I feel into what is happening to know what is best or necessary?

What do I do?

I tune into my instinct, intuition, feelings. My Creativity. But sometimes it’s hindsight that gives me the answer for another time.

I can’t always plan ahead – I also need the ability to act in response to what is really happening, not what I was imagining in my head that’s disconnected from what is in front of me.

Letting go of expectations and those illusions, I trust myself more and more to know what to do and how to do it.

Then when I do stay on my surfboard and ride the big wave to shore, I am filled with joy and a sense of achievement. I celebrate.

And then I get back on it.

Does this metaphor resonate with you and your life? Or do you find other metaphors helpful to give you perspective?

Photo credits: Carrie Sanderson


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