Small Stones

In January, I took part in the River of Stones Mindful Writing Challenge 2012. I really enjoyed writing a small stone every day – it helped me to pause and reflect on my surroundings, to find the beauty in that moment.

Here are a selection of my favourites and the dates that I wrote them.


Soft, white sheets cover me

Like a protective blanket

Cool to touch, all snuggled up

I can’t wait to fall asleep


The movement of my body

Into the Warrior pose

Feeling strong and spirited

Let’s take on the world


The beats of a tune, vibrating from the stereo

Music fills my body

All I want to do is

Smile and dance


Morning run up, over and through the dunes speckled with frost.

Mist slowly rising giving way to the sun wishing us a good morning.


Like a piece of driftwood at sea

Riding the waves of life

Embracing the motions by

Accepting the lows, and

Appreciating the highs;

At last at peace.

How can you pause and take note of what is beautiful where you are right now?

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