There Is Nothing Like Community: TMP v2

Tomorrow is the start of the refurbishment of the co-working space that I use and have come to love. It’s called The Melting Pot (TMP) and it’s on Rose Street, Edinburgh.

The Melting Pot Temporary Co-Working SpaceMo and petra setting up the temporary co-working space


There is a real community feel at TMP – the moment I walked in for an Open Day in February (Open Days are every second Tuesday and last Thursday of every month where you get to try the place for free) I felt welcome and at home.

It was around the time I gave up a studio space that I was renting but wasn’t quite fulfilling my needs. I wanted to find somewhere where I could work away from home and be amongst like-minded people. I missed the days of working alongside and with a team when I used to work in corporate or agency jobs. The banter, the chat, the care, the connections. I knew that as I was working from home and only had the walls around me to talk to, it would be necessary and vital for my health and sanity to find somewhere else to work from from time to time.

Enter The Melting Pot.

The Melting Pot v1getting ready to start the revamp


I love everything about TMP. The staff, the members, the set-up.

And just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, I heard that TMP were thinking of either moving to new premises or revamping their current space to make it even more brilliant.

They have gone for the latter.

A request went out to the members – “Potters” as some people lovingly call us – to help out with the refurbishment. I thought it would be a good chance to give back to TMP, since I felt TMP has given me so much. And it’s heart-warming to know how many people are volunteering to help out.

Not only a place to work, but a place where I have made lovely connections, new friends, a client, collaborations and a couple of brilliant mentoring sessions with the owner, Claire, who has been in business for many years and gave me a place to brainstorm and talk over some things.

The Melting Pot Volunteer Listlist of volunteers – it’s filling up fast!


I am excited to see how TMP v2 will turn out. I am thrilled that members are volunteering their time to help out. Also, a team from Junior Chamber International (JCI) Edinburgh (which I am a member of as well) will be helping out, too, since TMP and JCI have partnered together to offer trainings sessions to members of both organisations. Sessions such as negotiation skills, communications skills and how to climb the property ladder.

TMP is not “just” a place to work. It’s a community, a home from home.

I am proud to be a part of it.

For more information about The Melting Pot, please click here. TMP will be open during the revamp – the workshop space will be used as a temporary co-working space for members. Dates of the revamp is Saturday 18th July 2015 – Sunday 2nd August 2015.

If you want to follow the refurbishment and the antics behind the scenes, please make sure you follow on social media – I’ll also be involved in some PR and promo via my social media:

The Melting Pot on Facebook
The Melting Pot on Twitter
Hashtags #TMPv2 and #TMPv2live

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