Creativity Tip: Mini-Adventures

In May’s newsletter I shared a Creativity Tip and I would love to share this tip with my blog readers, too.

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Research shows that going somewhere new, outside of your comfort zone can enhance your creativity and creative skills.

Julia Cameron from The Artist’s Way calls them Artist Dates.

From personal experience I know that going on mini-adventures are fun and inspiring and can often lead to solutions, ideas or knowing what my next steps are.

Mini-Adventure in Edinburgh's Botanical Gardens

a recent mini-adventure in edinburgh’s botanical gardens – very inspiring!

What kind of mini-adventures am I thinking of?

  • Explore a museum you haven’t been to yet
  • Go to your library or a bookshop and browse/read books/magazines in a genre you know nothing about
  • Walk around a neighbourhood you don’t know
  • Visit a city, town or countryside you’ve not explored before
  • Wine tasting tour
  • Take a creative class
  • Learn a new language/instrument/sport
  • Go for a drive (if you have access to a car) and get lost – you never know what you will find
  • Art exhibition that you wouldn’t normally go to (eg abstract when normally you like realism)
  • Listen to music you don’t normally listen to, or hop on Spotify and hit the Discover button
  • Try a new cuisine

Get creative with your mini-adventures! Whatever works for you. They can be short, like ten minutes, or longer, such as a whole day.

Anything is possible. Which reminds me of the TV show The Big Bang Theory (one of my favourite sit-coms) where the guys introduce Sheldon, one of the characters whose evenings are always planned and always the same every week, to “Anything Can Happen Thursday”. The whole idea is to get out of the routine and do something new, and see where it takes them.

Step a foot outside your comfort zone – you don’t have to go extreme (though if you want to, you can of course!). Think about what you’ve been secretly wishing to experience/do, but not yet admitted to anyone. Allow yourself the experience. Give yourself permission to want what you want.

Lastly, remember the idea behind the mini-adventures is to do them regularly, at least once a week. And as always, report back to me once you’ve done a mini-adventure and let me know how much fun it was!

What would you like to go and do, and when are you going to do it?


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