Creativity Tip: What I Love

In this week’s newsletter I shared a Creativity Tip and I would love to share this tip with my blog readers, too.

I believe we are all creative, and by focusing on what we love, we enhance our individual creativity. Plus it is more fun and enjoyable than believing in the ‘starving artist’ myth. It’s time to shift that limiting perspective to a ‘prosperous artist’ paradigm, which is all about love.

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A tool that I use from time to time to help me re-connect to my heart is listing “What I Love”.

Grab a notebook and pen and number 1 to 50. Then get writing: list 50 things that you love. Yes, 50, and no less than that. You might find your brain (ego) will argue with you and say it cannot find 50 things.

Just keep going – it can be small, medium or big things. And by things I don’t mean only material things. It can be anything. And the further you go, the more you list, the closer you get to your heart and what really matters to your true self.

It’s a journey of exploration, discovery and adventure. It’s a journey back to Love.

Here’s a sample of what I might list:

  1. A cup of proper British tea
  2. Watching a robin take a birdbath
  3. My dressing gown
  4. Scotland
  5. The smell of coconut
  6. Meditating
  7. Listening to music
  8. Reading
  9. Drawing mountains
  10. Laughing with a good friend

Ready? Okay, go!

(And if you want to share (part of) your list with me, please do so – I’d love to celebrate what you love with you!)


It’s good to write things down like this, but I am also practical and a big believer in applying what I learn. I know I learn by experience.

So, for a “Bonus Experience“, I’d like you to choose a minimum of three things from your list and incorporate them into your daily life. And, yes, I will allow you to choose the easiest ones, if that gets you started!

For example, I will choose from my list above “listening to music; my dressing gown; and reading”. I can listen to music whilst cooking; I can snuggle into my dressing gown for half an hour before I go to bed; and I can read a passage from an inspirational book for ten minutes first thing in the morning.

Enjoy these things mindfully every day for at least a week and notice how it makes you feel. Do you feel good, more connected, more love? More joy? Play with it and explore it.

You might surprise yourself with what you discover.

Can you share in the comments below some of the things you love? And tell me when and how you’re going to add three of those things into your daily life? I’d love to hear from you.

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