Eagle-Eye And Wise Wolfy

I am thrilled to announce I have created two new wildlife drawings to add to my collection.

Please welcome Eagle-Eye and Wise Wolfy!

One of my lovely customers and friends had asked me if I would do these two animals as they are special and meaningful to her. I was happy to do them as they are two magnificent species of the animal kingdom.

I find it fascinating how cultures and traditions view animals as sacred beings and it resonates with me as I, too, sense there is something special about wildlife.

Animals have often been used (in art) as symbols, to tell a story and to make meaning of the world.

Personally, I love how in Native American animal medicine the Eagle represents (the Great) Spirit, the connection to the Divine in harmony with being here on Earth; and the Wolf is considered the Teacher, a pathfinder, one who leads the way (for more info about this I recommend the Native American animal medicine cards by Jamie Sams and David Carson).

The Eagle has also been used as a symbol for Power. The Bald Eagle is the National Emblem for the United States, and it’s not really surprising the US chose their native bird as its emblem in 1782, considering all that the eagle has come to stand for.

It is not the only country to have the Eagle as its national bird. Doing some quick research online it seems to be important to Poland and the Philippines, too, for example. Though theirs is a different type of eagle. My drawing is of a Golden Eagle, which you can spot in Scotland, and my first sighting of one in the wild was only the other week! (Blog post about this will be coming soon, make sure you stay tuned!)

The Wolf is also important to some countries, and often are associated with them. Something I found really interesting and incredible is the re-introduction of wolves in Yellowstone National Park in the States and what it has done. The landscape has changed, and seemingly improved, because the wolves have an impact on the elk populations, and in turn the elk had been eating too much bark off the trees and the whole eco system had changed. There is an interesting article and video about this if you’d like to check it out: Wolf Reintroduction Changes Ecosystem.

I always endeavour to capture the spirit of an animal in my drawings, as well as how it makes me feel, hoping that comes across in my work. I am in awe of animals, I find them so beautiful, and also such characters! I can happily sit in nature and observe them all day long.

The names I’ve chosen are a bit of fun and also to say something about the animal, and of course you can find your own meaning within the names.

For me Eagle-Eye is having that higher perspective on life and situations, and acting from that vantage point. Wise Wolfy to me is the wise teacher within and tapping into that innate wisdom.

But, like I said, you can create your own meaning.

That’s the beauty of it.

Eagle-Eye and Wise Wolfy greeting cards are now available here .







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