Stormy Days: A Body Of Work From A Turbulent 2020

Stormy Days is a body of work consisting of a few small postcard sized paintings I worked on last year.

A Stormy Sea (East Lothian)

Reflecting my mood and feelings about the first lockdown and being a symbol for the turbulent times, I created these small works initially in response to an invitation to donate work to the Rock Trust charity exhibition and auction that was held in November 2020.

As I completed my three pieces for the Rock Trust, I discovered how much I enjoyed painting them and started painting more.

Coincidentally, I found a stash of similar postcard sized watercolour paper I had to use for the exhibition in amongst my art materials and supplies, having acquired them a few years ago and put aside thinking “I’ll use them one day for something”.

Each piece started with a random “under” painting of colours and marks made with oil pastels. I then painted on top with my chosen colour palette, scratching into the wet acrylic paint to allow some of the colours from underneath to come through. I also used oil pastel over the top once the paint was dry to give a bit more definition to the shapes in the landscape, for example.

The pieces were based on the East Lothian coastal landscape, including Cockenzie, Yellowcraig beach near North Berwick, and Belhaven Bay near Dunbar.

As Storm Francis Hits (Cockenzie)

I was interested in the light, space and essence of those places, in different types of weather, which was mirroring the highs and lows of my own mood.

Four of the paintings are currently in the permanent collection at Coast Gallery Dunbar, and are available for purchase from the gallery. The gallery reopened on Monday 26th April 2021 and I am pleased to say my paintings as well as their current exhibition Return to Light can now be seen in person.

If you’re in the neighbourhood, please do pop in and view the exhibition and let me know which one is your favourite (doesn’t have to be any of mine!).

There’s something special about seeing artwork in the flesh that cannot be translated online. However, I am grateful for the online exhibitions and social media in these times to carry on showing and sharing my work.

East Lothian Coast – Peach Colour Study I

In addition to the framed paintings at the gallery, you can find in the Shop section of my website accompanying original colour studies to the Stormy Days collection that may interest you. They are affixed securely on either white or off-white mountboard, ready for framing.

Any questions please contact me!

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy my Stormy Days.

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